Microbit radio phone

Some one there can help me how i can make a telephone with microbit radio. So i can talk with another person. I have a microphone and speaker.

Well, it ought to be feasible! The radio can send numbers between 2 microbits, at around 1Mbps (probably quite a lot lower in practice).

To make a telephone you would have to convert a microphone signal to a series of numbers; the analog read pin block can generate the number from an analog input. But you would have to use an external amplifier to boost the microphone signal up to about 3V peak-to-peak (otherwise you will have very poor sensitivity).

At the receiving end you would have to convert the received stream of numbers into an analog voltage to feed into an earpiece. The microbit can do this using the analog write pin block. Because the output is PWM you would probably need a filter between the microbit and earpiece.

I think the big issue is whether you can sample the input fast enough. Ideally you would need to sample at 32 kHz or more. But it would be fun to find out!

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Thanks You

I know microbit Sound need analog pins and pulse. But I do not know if it should use more

Can you send me a code?

Sorry, I haven’t done a project like that. But it would be fun to try!