Microsoft Account Saving Extension

This Would Really Help Me With My Game!

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There is already an extension its called the settings extension

@CreeperCoder could you describe what the extension would do? maybe what blocks you would want it to have?

It Would Have Like Two Blocks The 1st Block Would Say: Sign In To Save and the 2nd block: would say: Sign In To Load

I can’t figure out how to use that extension

can i say something for the Setting’s extension if so can we have a block that said if
cs = custom block
if (CS tile is hit change point to 1)

Have you looked at the live stream? to know how to use it

Ill give a basic rundown on how it works.

A setting is stored with a name and a value. This value, at the time of writing, is restricted to integer, string or integer list. The blocks are typically formatted as “set setting (name) as integer (value)” with name being the settings key and value… Well, the value. If you set a setting as “name” and the value as “Jim” then you’ll need the block that will look like “set setting “name” as string “Jim””. If you want to read the settings then you’ll need the block that says “read setting (name) as string” with string being replaced with whatever you saved it as. It will have rounded edges and therefore only fit where string/integer would be. I can’t really explain things that well, so sorry if you don’t understand. There are other blocks like checking if a setting exists or resetting all saved settings, but I hope this helped?

Not possible due to MakeCode limitations. There is no direct link between the simulator and Microsoft accounts. The best case scenario is following the answers above for local saving, but online cloud saves (likewise to Scratch) aren’t possible.

i have a problem with a sandbox game where players edit tilemap with like 8 different types of tiles and i would like to figure out how to save it if anyone has any ideas, this seems somewhat similar.

ya kinda like that!