Question about the "Settings" extention

How does the setting extension work, because i though it was like a “save” but when i press (reset) then it resets. also when i press stop (square) and the turn it back “on” (play/triangle) it also resets, is this like a hardware only thing, or am i doing it wrong. all i have right now is on a button clicked it increases a value by one, sets the score for the “info” to that settings value so i can see it.

It should save on hardware (by writing data in flash) or the browser (by writing data to localStorage).

so for a number i do “localStorage” for the name and it will save?

@Blobiy, you can name it whatever you want! Make sure you aren’t always calling “set setting to 0” at the beginning of your program. You should first check to see if the setting exists so that you don’t overwrite it! Here’s an example:

If you reset the sim you should see the number go up

Huh, doesn’t look like it works on the share page though. @mmoskal is that a known bug?

@Blobiy that example I posted will only work if you open it in the editor

@richard sounds like a regression.

can you also look at my other post because i am having problems w/ the zombie game again :frowning:

The storage is outside the simulator frame. I used to have it implemented, at least in my rewrite with cloud compile. Maybe it’s not there in the current page?

Hummm it is implemented in the github pages js but not on our sharing page template. Cloud compile never got merged.