Might keep working on this game

So I’m gonna try and keep the consistency with this game I’m making called “inquade.”
It’s a story-based 2D shooter. I’m really gonna need help with this, because I want this game to be big, and not many users are on anymore. If you want to help, just, answer on this poll. Also, @Unique, I know you’re making a game right now, but if you have enough time after that to help, that would be AMAZING!

  • Art
  • Music
  • Scripting
  • Level Design
  • Sprite Design
  • Animations
  • Bosses (pick if you want there to be bosses)
  • random option bcuz i want it

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Current game state is here: https://arcade.makecode.com/S15572-40884-86393-89688

Uhh, you didn’t make it so you can see who voted what… I think that might be an issue

OH NO! That is a very bad problem. I can’t edit the post and I don’t think having everyone reply telling what they want to do is a good desicion. What should I do?

You can just post another poll where votes are visible