I wanna do a HUGE colaberation Pls Join the Colab

Here are some polls about the Colab

  1. What Genre? (This is VERY important)
  • RPG
  • Puzzle
  • Strategy
  • Platformer
  • Tycoon
  • Shooter
  • Other (Pls Comment What Genre you want if you choose this)

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  1. Will You Help with the Colab? (Even More Important than question 1)
  • I might
  • Yes
  • No

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  1. What Part are you gonna help with?
  • Sprites
  • Tile Maps and Backgrounds
  • The Fuctionality of the game
  • Menus and Text Related Stuff
  • Story Line
  • All Of the Above

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  1. Do you wanna be credited for the part you made of the game?
  • Yes, Please
  • No, Thanks

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Thats the Entire Poll I will make the program when The Genre is Decided

Who Else Voted? I just Wanna Know Who it was

I did

Heres The Program https://arcade.makecode.com/S30996-57804-04602-55774

Just Incase RPG, Platformer, Other, Or Shooter Wins We Should start making Enemy and Boss Ideas
Heres A Template For Enemys (Or Bosses)
Role (Enemy or Boss):
Difficulty of The Enemy or Boss (Easy, Normal, Hard, Challenge, Nightmare):
How Do you Defeat it:
Does it Attack You:
How does it attack:

@PixelDoodle Can You Pls help with this colab

Maybe? If I have time Yea! I currently have lots of Projects Like Pixel Smash and Solow And Submissions For The Unique-A-Thon 2.

I also voted.

I voted

Shouldn’t there also be a vote for theme? Like sci-fi, fantasy, modern, western, or pirates?

I voted for story line and tile maps / backgrounds

Also I have One More Poll
Do You wanna do Music/Sound Effects?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Possibly

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Who Voted No?

I voted, my life is busy but if I have time I’ll try to help.

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Thanks @Arexcl For Noticing this heres yet another poll what Theme

  • Fantasy
  • Modern
  • 20th Century Arcade Theme
  • Sci-Fi
  • Random

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I personally think sci-fi is a good idea, But it’s the majority wins.

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Btw, I thought I should let you know you can enable seeing who voted what on polls instead of asking every time… If you want I can show you how

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@Sarge pls show me how

i voted yes for all

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When you’re creating a poll (like this), hit the little cog icon in the bottom right


This will expand the menu, where you can tick this box to see who voted

I hope this helps!

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