Mindstorms 3rd party blocks

It would be great if there was a tool to translate EV3-LabView blocks to makecode blocks, which would allow the use of all/most of the 3rd party Mindstorms sensors and add-ons. In my case, I would greatly appreciate being able to access the Pixy2 camera, some stuff from mindsensors.com, and talking to arduinos etc. using the Dexter I2C blocks. Instead of tackling custom blocks individually, it seems to me that it would be better to create a translator that would handle them all, now and in the future.

dpwoos, you might also ask your question here: on Discord EV3 forum. You may not get a response but at least it is another forum for EV3 : https://discordapp.com/channels/448979533891371018/448979847163805697/578702148053762072