Minesweeper Simple

Simple minesweeper I made, could potentially add numbers to smaller levels.

Tell me your best level you beat (took me along time to beat level 6!)

level 0 is a joke…


It’s so confusing how to play. Can you get like a game win screen or something? What’s the objective of the game

OMG, you never played Minesweeper before!?

You have been missing out!

The goal of Minesweeper is to uncover all the mines without actually touching it. Once you flag all the mines, you win!

So how do you know where the mines are? The numbers will tell you how many mines are adjacent to the cell.

If you click on a mine, you go boom.


Arrows to move your cursor
A to Dig
B to flag

Each space either contains a mine or it doesn’t

When you uncover one that doesn’t it will show a number (Or in this case a colour)

Ech colour tells you how many mines are in the eight spaces around it eg. pink means 1 mine around it

Once you are sure where a mine is press b to flag it (To remember where it is.)

If a pink square already has 1 mine next to it you’ll know all the other spaces around it are good so you can keep exploring.

Objective: Clear all non mine spaces.


So this game is almost about luck and mostly strategy

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It’s more like 99.99% strat because, in Minesweeper, the first time you click will have a 100% chance of not being a mine.


If I win on minesweeper, I will be brain dead after a couple hours on level 0

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Hey @charliegregg! Can you do something else instead of restarting the game. Maybe put a game win or a game lose? I don’t know if I won or not


Yeah It’ll be pretty obvious if you loose as all mines are shown but you can add one if you want, I’m kind of done with it though.

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i broke your game there is no lvl 7

nope. You can start on a mine

The whole thing broke on me:

I also beat level 99999 for some reason…
I don’t know how I did it.

Well, the real version has a 100% of the first block you click is not a mine. I haven’t played this enough to find out whether @charliegregg implemented this.

I have and it HAS happened

Flag all the spots to win lol. Actually it works


@Agent_14 isn’t the only one with strats

wow just great

uh there is not supposed to be lol it has only 0 - 6.

Any number works.