Modern Combat: Versus PVP

So basically you can search modern combat versus up and it’s essentially an FPS game that I used to play. But unlike my Sw1ft Agent Demo, you can fight with another player. This game also features a kill-cam-like feature once you die.


  • Player 1
    AD to Move
    W to Jump
    S to Reload
    E (B) to Shoot
    Q (A) to use ability (Which is going back in time and regaining health and ammo.)

  • Player 2
    JL to Move
    I to Jump
    K to Reload
    U (A) to Shoot
    O (B) to use ability (Which is cloaking. When you press I (Jump) when the exclamation mark is present (Meaning you are close to the other player), you can backstab the other player.)

hello, sorry, I re-worked the damage system so it’s more balanced.