A remake of Air Combat

As said before in A remake of 15-puzzle , I remade another great game of @ractive , Air Combat - a classic shooter, too

My younger daughter love it so much, that she ask me to play this with her every single day. So I add features little by little occasionally for about a year. Not finished, and will never finish.

New features:

  • Players:

    • always 2 plyers (orange and green) on sim or RPi
    • player’s spawn/level complete animations
    • 2s ghost time after spawn
    • co-pilot mode
      • whenever 2nd player absence for 5s, press any key to exit absence.
      • co-pilot will never die
      • removed player count choosing
      • P1 drop P2 bomb if P1’s used out
    • pump away from enemy instead of random direction
    • pump away occured only be hit but didn’t dead
  • Weapon:

    • add new weapon, yellow P icon, bullets concentrated
    • add 5th weapon level, extra bullets shooting backward
    • got powerup at 5th weapon level, drop an extra bomb immdiately.
    • powerups icons dropping changed to from screen top
  • Bomb:

    • drop bomb with lightning effect
  • Enemy:

    • add airplane carrier
    • spawn plane on carrier
    • spawn helicopter on battle ship
    • unified enemy scores
    • hitting sound, even enemy hasn’t destroyed
  • Levels:

    • add endless random generated levels after 7 designed levels.
  • UI:

    • add title scene (handdrawing)
    • add progress bar, diff colors for each kind of enemies
    • add level summary, custom Image Dialog
      • for both players, scoll with arrow keys
      • scored by the player hit more, intead of who shot last bullet
    • commented hardcore mode choosing

Have fun!


It’s amazing!

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