Motivating students to go into "text"

In Arcade there are two ways so far that I have found that require kids to switch from block graphical coding into text to write their stories and games. One is using Pendersen’s image into sprite utility which requires pasting the 1’s, 0’s and letters which make up the conversion text from his utility into Java Script screen. The other requirement to go from blocks to text is if you first choose an extension for Micro:bit which is in Chinese and you can only see the English translation if you leave blocks and look at the code in JS or Python. So, if you choose the extension which is the Chinese version: code link below, then to know if the blocks say “car forward” or “car stop” the kids cannot stay in blocks; the directions are Chinese characters. Try switching back and forth on this program to see what I mean: I would like help to develop this Arcade to electronics project, you can see our work on YouTube at: Makecode and Hardware channel:

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