Multiplayer Arcade with Robot car, Meowbit video

We have jacdac installed and NOT conflicting with Kittenbot Robot:bit extension for Meowbit and 4 motors running. The object is to use a cable from one console (PyGamer with joystick ?) to the on-board Meowbit as an old-time wire controller of our Mecanum wheel tread bot car using MakeCode Arcade and a 3.7 volt expansion board on the car. We now show that the extensions in the shared MakeCode in the description of the video do not conflict and do compile and download to the Meowbit. We have used multiplayer between PyGamer and Meowbit in the past for other PvP games and also this Pong game…so we know that this could work. If you know of someone who has done this successfully we would like a link to their work so we can learn from them and progress faster… (thank you guys and gals at Microsoft for giving us this coding environment for kids to learn electronics and physical programming !)