MeowBit Docs

My son and I love the MeowBit, but the documentation is spotty, so I started some docs here on Github.

So far I have descriptions and examples on

  • temp sensor
  • gyro sensor
  • light sensor
  • using button combos

and I plan to add more over time. I also want to add links to interesting examples and extensions. I would love to get your feedback and contributions.


That’s great. Thanks for the sharing. I saw in other topic that you already covered JACDAC. Soon Kittenbot will start selling SD Wireless which will enable radio communication between Meowbits and micro:bits. It’ll be great addition. Couple of us are also using Meowbit for Robotbit bot projects. Here’s one video:

That’s super cool. What is the robot wheels component you are using?

Mecanum wheels are bought as part of this kit:
Last time I forgot to write that for using pins (edge connector extension) bootloader needs to be upgraded to 2.7.5 (

Thanks to Ivan (@bosnivan) we have been able to use jacdac and mecanum wheels on our bot cars, @joshmarinacci. This video shows using the TT motors (yellow) and different , smaller, mecanum wheels : this video shows two Arcade game consoles controlling the bot car and in the description are the links to the shared code for each console. Pity that the virus has messed up our meetings, we were having so much fun ! .