Music editor bugs and wanted features

While making music for the music jam. I found a few bugs and some features that should be added. I’m going to start with the bugs. The first bug i noticed occurred after i changed the tempo. When I changed the tempo the touchscreen got all weird and offset. If i pressed one place, it would think i pressed somewhere further down. Here’s an example:

I have had this problem before in the animation editor. But it looks like it got fixed.

The second bug i found was with the audio. Whenever i open another website or enter another app. And then re-enter the website. The audio in the music editor stops working. To fix it i have to reload the site or close the app. (Yes i got Makecode arcade in app form) this is really annoying if i have to open another app to find out how I’m going to make the music.

Thats all the bugs I found for now. Now let’s go over to the features I would like to have.
The absolute number one feature is a way to play half notes. Half notes are the notes between normal notes. It’s the black ones on a piano. And you often write them with a #. Example: a half G note would look like this G#. Anyways i ran into this problem while making the super Mario overworld theme. Since this song got lots of half notes. I don’t know if I’m just being stupid, and not understanding how to make a half note. However I know it’s possible since the old music blocks got half notes.

Next feature is the possibility to change the length of different notes. Example:

This would be very useful in different type of songs.

The next feature would be to have another section like the bass clef but just above the normal one instead of below. It would be very nice to have the possibility to make higher notes. Example:

(Sorry for bad picture editing)
This is one of the things i need to make the super mario overworld theme. And this would very useful. You could just have a button for it, like the bass clef.

Thats all i got for music editor. I would love if we could get some the features. Sorry for making a very long post with a lot to read. But I hope this helps improving the music editor in some way. Thanks

Quick responses for two of those things:

  1. You can make a note sharp or flat by holding ctrl on the keyboard and clicking on the note. currently there is no way to do it on touch-only devices
  2. You can change the length of a note by clicking on the blue bar and dragging it

Thanks for the help Richard. The problem is that i am using a touch-only device

But I might be able to do it if I connect to a keyboard