Music requests

Hey can you do the song EYE by Kanaria.

@UnsignedArduino I know you don’t usually like requests, but I think this song would be a really cool one to make in makecode (if you have time).

(Used this sheet music)



Hey UnsignedArduino,
That sounds mega cool how is that with the performens on real hardware “KittenBot” ?
can you create a tutorial on how to convert from midi to makecode.
otherwise I have to bug you unfortunately also because I need a song for my little project.

Cut Version=

Full Version=

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I’ve been using a new extension that doesn’t generate JavaScript - it generates MakeCode Arcade images that it will parse using an easy-for-a-robot-to-generate-but-not-easy-for-humans-to-make format. So it’s easier to copy and paste a bunch of images into an image editor than to switch to JavaScript, create a new .ts file, paste in JavaScript, pray to the gods of MakeCode Arcade and switch back to blocks hoping nothing has been screwed up.

The extension is here:

I’ve written a Python script to take a MIDI file, do some mediocre black magic, and generate okay images:

You can find the code and instructions in the repo. Python knowledge is highly recommended for installation as the instructions won’t go over every single command to install.

It’s pretty good with songs that have a consistent beat - it’s absolute garbage with triplets and weird rhythms. And rests don’t exist! I’ve worked on this for several months and it doesn’t want to work with rests and stuff so PRs are welcome. :slight_smile:

For performance on actual hardware, I have not tested it thoroughly, I’ve only tried it on small images in one of my games on a PyGamer which seemed to be fine.

@UnsignedArduino can you please make the song believer with sound effects

Already done this before:

Although this uses the old giant TypeScript file method so it’s harder to use in a game.

Also please search the forum before you ask, thanks :slight_smile:

If you have a MIDI file of it already, you can also use the instructions I posted to convert it and use the new method as well in the last post I made in this thread.

What do I have to do with the requirements file ?
when I click on main nothing happens

You will have to install the dependencies in requirements.txt. Use pip: (it should be installed with Python)

pip install -r requirements.txt

Then run at the terminal: (it’s not a GUI app)

python <the path to the MIDI file>

@UnsignedArduino I don’t want to go to the trouble of learning python and downloading the python computer app (or having to ask you to convert the music every tijme), so is there some way to make a program/.exe (or windows batch file) that you can drag a midi file to, and it would automatically convert the midi into makecode, or would this take too much time/be impossible. It’s TOTALLY OKAY if you don’t, but I was just asking if it would be possible.

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I’ve published a release where you can download a binary for Windows 64bit :slight_smile: I’ve also updated the README on how to download and use it.

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I downloaded the .EXE and I tried to run it in powershell, but what is “< arguments>” and how do you “pass in a path to a MIDI file” (sorry for so many questions, but I havn’t used powershell like at all besides installing forge for minecraft mods) I also tried to open the midi file with the .exe but that just generated an empty .txt document.

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I like command prompt more than Powershell :slight_smile: You should also download the Windows Terminal as well - it’s a Microsoft Store app and it’s sooooooooo much better than command prompt’s window.

Also here’s a video: (Discourse doesn’t like MKV/MP4 and I’m unable to resize/compress the GIF to fit the 4MB limit)

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I just figured out that the midi files I was using were the problem. Thanks for the video though! I set command prompt as my default app for that and it works perfectly, but also, I found out that I could just drag the file onto the .exe and I wouldn’t have to type anything. It’s super fast. Also, I didn’t know that stuff can by copy/pasted into the editor (although I had the width set to 256 instead of 512 and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong for like half an hour lol) Thanks for your help. Here’s a song that I converted that sounds pretty good:

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Hey, sorry for writing this on dead post @UnsignedArduino but I tried to make super mario theme music with your tool and it doesn’t sound right. Have you tried this before?

It’s not the best - only good with songs that have a consistent beat :confused:

@UnsignedArduino, I know you’re probably done with this extension/program, but is it a bug or intended (because the format is wrong, or it has not the right timing or something) that some midis make blank .txt files?

Did an exception occur? (if so can you print it)

Hi can you pls make mii chanel music in makecode arcade
heres the link: