My biggest project is lost... Help is urgent

As you know, I am working on a big game - Requiem: Lost Station - but when I tried to reopen it in Makecode, all the code was gone.

The problem is not only that I lost all my code, but when I used the latest functioning link of my game to work on, all the code disappeared. Not to mention, the PNG file I saved of that same version also had no code in it. The weird thing is it still works in the simulator.

Try it for yourself.

@richard and @jwunderl any ideas why this has happened to my project?

The bright side is that I have a copy of the game before I added the latest mechanic to my game, so I’ll just have to add 1 patch and then I’ll be back where I am. Still kinda want an explanation (And hopefully a fix. I don’t really want to re-do a patch) for this.

Hmmmm… that link works just fine for me. I’m able to import it into the editor and see the code. Is this a link to the working version or do you have a link to the broken version I can look at?

Apparently, I used a previous version of Makecode (The offline app I had) to check my code and it’s all still there. So I figured it must have something to do with the latest version/update for Makecode, as my latest version was finished on February 14. Yes, that was a link to the broken version. For me, every link associated with the project does not work.

Post Send: It worked on a different browser! Thanks for your help! Greatly appreciate it!