Entire project mostly deleted

I was working on my game (for the Coder King 2 comp) and my code went from having around 350 lines of code to only 20! My assets are still there but none of the code is anymore. I tried to save a backup and even save the game itself on an image, unfortunately it still bugged and showed the same 20 lines. If it helps, I switched from coding on my school Chromebook to my home pc running Windows 11.


That’s no good! For reference do you have access to the chromebook where you were previously writing the project?(if you haven’t tried logging into it, you might want to try turning off internet before opening arcade and see if you can load the site without a cloud sync and download the project if it works, as we have a service worker that should cache the site for offline use.

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I have found out the fix but it’s strange. Although the entire project was made in normal makecode, the features such as the music editor weren’t there. Switching to the beta makecode solved this problem though and I got the project finished.


Hm, interesting - had you not logged in on that device in a few months? We had one bug a few months ago that caused some devices to be slow to pick up updates to the editor when signed - if you check on the bottom of the home page on arcade.makecode.com and see the version number, it should be v1.12.30 – if its an earlier version than that (say, v1.12.21 or v1.11.33) you may need to log out and back in to get the latest version.

Either way, glad you found a solution / sorry you ran into a bug!


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