My Extension

This adds lots of new blocks

(NOTE: the array of all sprites block was written by @richard. All I did was turn it into extension form)

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Nice :+1:
Could you post a picture of them? (And will you add more stuff upon request?)

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Will take requests, but I am too lazy to take pics…

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That red color is good.


Added a new block, that @cosmoscowboy wanted

  • does sprite kind exist
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I cannot remember which block ‘I wanted’, but I do like being mentioned :wink: . Perhaps you can take a screenshot of the block ‘does sprite kind exist’ and how it is used. On my Windows machine I use a tool from Microsoft called ‘Snipping Tool’; it is very easy to use.

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I would take screenshots with that, but sometimes it breaks windows file explorer and the task bar so I need to restart the process with task manager.

Was gonna take another pic of the blocks but I think something is broken…

Yes that…
I’m seeing with the make code team to see bout that. For now you need to add the blocks through JavaScript.

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I had a quick look at the custom.ts file. Please correct if I am wrong, but it seems that the function ‘doesKindExists’ does not use the variables ‘kind’.

export function doesKindExists(kind: number): boolean {
let temporaryVar = 0
for(let value of Extras.arrayOfAllSprites()){
temporaryVar += 1
if(temporaryVar > 0){
return true
return false

Hmmm, that’s odd. It may just be a random bug that reverted part of the code. Will fix tomorrow.