My game for the time jam (go back in time (time machine))

i have a problem with my game that you’ll then see when you play it, and please help on my problem in the game :anguished: :thinking:

I’m looking, but can’t find the problem. What’s happening?

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whenever i click on one of the answers/years it will take me to another year that isn’t the year that i click, and sometimes it will just ask me what year do i want to go to again whenever i click a answer/year and if you need more detail reply.

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Got it! Okay, I talked to @richard and he pointed out that the “queue story part” blocks work differently than what’s expected here. Good news, there are a couple of fixes!

  1. There’s a newer extension under the main extension browser. Apparently this has less confusing options.
  2. You can set a flag when you first click the A button that lets the code know you’re in the if statement, then reset the flag before going on to the next bit.

Do you think either of those will work for you?


I’ll try, but what do you mean by flag?

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I have fixed the problem, so i’ll delete this topic and btw i already did another topic showing my fixed version of the game, so thanks @KIKIvsIT for trying to help.