My game project is bugged, i cant access my assets and run it

I was writing a chess game on python for the past few months. But now i cant access the assets, cant run the game and the sidebar with lines of code is gone, but the code is fully visible. I could copy the code into another project, but i dont have any of my assets. I dont have a uf2 file saved, and i cant even publish it. Is there a way to recover the assets or the project as a whole?

Welcome, @DABLONKIE !

Are you able to create a cartridge from your project? If so, then feel free to post the cartridge here, and we can see if we’re able to retrieve your assets. (The cartridge will be a PNG file.)

If your project runs, then you can create a cartridge from the simulator. Otherwise, you can use the Save button next to the project’s name. See screenshot below.

Unfortunately, i can’t. The screenshot button is unclickable, and downloading gives me a compilation error. Emulator loads infinitely.