My idea

i was going to make like a story game about cole fighting these shadow monsters cole trying to stop them in other places like Dc among us star trek lower deck lego and here some pics pixil-frame-0 pixil-gif-drawing (1)

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you should do it!

cause im new and im bad at coding i need help making it i can do art but the code in is really hard

Dc stands for dark Cole

lego dimension

i want it to kinda be like a pixel version of this

im not good at drawing block or animation character i can do a backround

cole was in a place called oc land a city full of ocs but after cole and two friends leave to save dim anions the shadows take over oc land they have fight the shadows

Here you go! How about this? (I could make a game example!)

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Here is the current version (gear up does not work yet) press attack now!!! But dont tell us what happened (no spoilers)

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Lol… that was my concept…

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map with shadows

you can pick the firends

power up heals 10% health and regenerate 10% energy

shadows attack

you can add your own character in it

coles dad was mean to the mom then he left say he wants to destroy all worlds cole did not know that hes dad hired a shadow to go for cole and with the DNA of the shadows he made them take over other dimensions so he can rule over all worlds

the mom was not going to be able to live in the house cause he toke all the money so they went to oc land aka ocity