My Tile maps map will not load

When I save my map for my game it does not load, I try adding a backround and it still doesn’t work I keep refreshing. And I ran out of ideas HELP ME PLEASE

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Can you send the game? You can do that by clicking ‘share’ and posting that link here.

Send me the link and I’ll see what I can do

Can You post a link to the code? I wanna see the problem.

Make sure that your camera/player is actually starting within the tilemap, i.e. a 16x16 tile map with tiles only in the most southeast area of the map will not display unless you move the camera/player closer to them, as the camera defaults to the the northwest corner of the tilemap. Alternatively, cut off any excess transparent tiles from the map to ensure that it will display.

Did you try opening Assets? That is the way I edit them. Also, if that doesn’t work, you may have to open a new project and repasting the old sprites and backgrounds using ctrl-c and ctrl-v.

Welcome, @Caleb_stafford !

It sounds like you might have a block later in your code that overrides your tile map and background. Feel free to share your project so that we can try to help out.

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