My Time Game Jam Entry

Already submitted on, so you can’t steal it!


Github Page:

Github Repository:

Tell me what you think!


Also this is probably the first time I finish a contest entry WAY before the deadline. I usually miss it or have it done last minute and sloppily lol.

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The art is :100:

But how does the game work??? I’m very confused lol.

Instructions on the page!

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i have a lot of questions

-How do i get pass the tile with a energy logo?

-Why when i am bigger i jump less and i am slower? theorically it is wrong

and yea lol that is it

[spoiler]here is why did i said “Why when i am bigger i jump less and i am slower? theorically is wrong”

the reason of why i say this is because if you have smol legs you jump less, and same with the speed[/spoiler]

but it still pretty good lol

No you don’t change movement speeds. The electric blocks will only kill you if they are yellow, and are slower the bigger you are.

i can’t jump up the big part after the 1st-2ndbunch of yellow blocks

that makes sense-

Fun game, but really hard.

Have you pressed B?

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“No more saves remain!!!” What does that mean?

You can save your positions. That may glitch sometimes
Press A, then B, then down to fix this. It will ask to reset. Select Yes.

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Oh! Thank you. That will DEFINETLY make it easier :slightly_smiling_face:!

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That is a troll. You need to shrink an blindly jump over the gap starting from the lowest platform. I’ll make a walkthrough and a trailer soon.

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ok thanks

btw ik this is like ded but wher eis the link to the life chang thing extenicosn (srry for bad spelling l o l)

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Jwunderel’s sprite util!

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i meant link b r u h

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Self Promotion

You can find this and other extensions at :slight_smile:


oh ook aaaaaaaaa