Mystery box fail

So I was making this animation… picture by picture (without the moving to the right!) and then I added the colour fading extension and then it messed up everything…? The animation is now moving right??? Pls help me quick!

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So I made a new one… I think the animations are messed up in general… It always moves… Here is what it should look like… (look into Assets or the animation frames…)
But it happens to me every time… idk it might be the story extension…

Ah, this is definitely a MakeCode bug–it looks like something is going wrong when animations have an odd-numbered width. I’ve filed it on github here:, super appreciate you catching it! For now if you make the box 32x32 with one transparent row/column I think it will stop the moving, and we will work on fixing it from our side!

Well at least you have the animation! Do whatever you wanna do with it! (For the card game) Looking forward to todays stream! Also I have Something planned with Perler Beads! I will make the Makecode logo and the Arcade Logo! My thing to put them on is just 29*29 so idk if I can fit your rpg characters on there… Also I do not have some colours… I have 10… And the main thing missing are the grey things (for armor) and skin tone for the face… so it will be hard but I will try to make one! Thanks!

@shakao @richard @livcheerful @darzu @jwunderl!
I am done with the perler beads! I made these two! (Pixel Art also by me!)

I will put these up in my room! Hope you like them!


Can you post the pixel art grids here?

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Oh yes!

(Look into assets!)
Blue is one bead! Yellow is five beads! Hope this helps!