Need custom makecode/microbit block development

I have a requirement to visualize data generated in the makecode simulator, in relation to controlling a microbit. So in essence,

  • read variables from blocks and “provide” them to a logic process
  • read output data from the logic process and visualize it in either 1) a custom rendering block in the makecode ide, or 2) an external rendering process
  • also read the output data from the logic process as “sensor data” for the microbit sim to process

If any part of the above feels doable to you (the visualization of data in a custom block or external process, and/or the return data from an external process to fake sensors), or if it might after discussion, please get in touch! This is for an educational effort, and is paid work.

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I’m not sure, but I don’t think it’s possible for extensions to display data in a block in the deployed MakeCode. Options may include: deploying a custom version of MakeCode, using Jacdac, or using
an Editor Extension.

You may want to post this request and additional details in the Microbit-Community Slack, which has channels specifically for extension development. To join, see:


Thanks, Bill, I’ve requested to join the channel.

Above still stands, looking for a makecode/microbit dev. Please get in touch!