Need help on difficulty

So I’ve been working on this space shooter game and there is no difficulty increase. I have levels and different sprites for each one. Anyone know ideas on how to increase the difficulty. I was thinking to make the velocity of the enemyShips faster and faster through the game,
but I dont really imagine how I could do that. Maybe this? image
I don’t think this would work though because I don’t have anything set like velocity x and y to enemySpeed and position x and y to spawntime, so I am guessing I have to speed the enemy off this
I was going the make the enemy shoot projectiles but still couldn’t think of that.

Making enemies shoot is sort of tricky. From what I’ve done in the past it involves using the sprite data extension to store your enemies x and y position so that the enemy projectiles can be told where to spawn from.

Making enemies move quicker is easier. You just need to have a variable control the enemies yv. You could have the variable increase by 20 every 10 seconds or so.

When I tried it on my code, it was working for the enemy sprites but the player sprite’s projectile was shooting downwards instead of up (I am in a top-down space shooter). So pretty much the other enemies behind them (top) are getting hit by these bullets. Plus, I couldn’t think of a way to increase the vy variable by 20 every how many seconds I want.

Oh sorry I realised I used the generic projectile type which would be your players lasers too! Make a new type for enemy projectiles and it should be good.

For enemy speed, make a variable to control it (EnemySpeed). On start set the EnemySpeed variable to 100. Inside a forever loop stick a change EnemySpeed variable by (X) and a pause (X)ms block. Then use this new variable block inside the enemy’s yvel.

Ah, I see. It counts the all projectile as well, I just changed both slots to enemyProjectile so it only fired from variable enemy. I am trying out and testing speed, will get back to you soon.

Cool stuff. EnemyProjectiles work and the enemySpeed as well! I had a pick random block on my yvelocity so i swapped that out with the enemySpeed variable and now… i can set a certain yvelocity and change it ever so often milli-seconds! Thank you for your help! ;D