Need help, Projectile bug

have developed a game where food drops down, an enemy moves left to right and drops projectiles that damage the player’s health when hit. You are trying to implement a feature where the player can shoot projectiles at the enemy to defeat it after collecting a certain number of points. However, when you try to add this feature, the player’s own projectiles end up damaging themselves instead of the enemy

Feel free to post a link to your game here so we can give you better feedback, but have you tried looking at changing the kind of the enemy projectile?

You may consider making both enemy projectiles and the enemy sprite be of kind “enemy” so that if either touch the player, the same thing happens.

Then, the computer will treat the enemy projectiles and player projectiles differently.

Hey thank you this is what I needed now I cant figure out how to create different levels and difficulties

Ive updated the game and put in a level in the game I want the player to collect points and once reached that score you can then shoot the enemy and kill him and win the game how can I create a projectile that is only available after a certain number of points