Projectile Not Destroying

Hey all I have another weird bug plaguing my game. I am trying to destroy a projectile when it overlaps the enemy and then subtract 1 from the enemy’s statusbar. I have used this code countless times before, but for some reason in this game my projectile isn’t consistently being destroyed and sometimes causing 1-5 damage. :rage:

As a sanity check, I created a test game using the same images and coding logic and of course it is working as expected:

Any ideas? Are my animations causing the issue? Duplicative ongame update blocks? I’m really not sure where to look from here - I ran the game in debug mode and saw the destroy block run and watched the projectile survive for several more overlaps before it finally vanished.

I appreciate any ideas for possible fixes.

Problem is not at projectile overlapping enemy handling code, but firing projectile.

Note that these 2 ways of firing projectile is different:

In the test field,

in the project,

The latter fires multiple projectiles because on game update runs every ‘game tick’ or something like that, while on A button press run only once when each time a button is change from release to press.

Adding a ‘add 1 score after firing projectile’ will make it clear.

I can see that A button press behaves differently in menu / in-game, my usual way would be separating the concern by state variable and function, something like:

onAButtonPressed() {
    if (mode == Menu) {
    } else if (mode == InGame) {
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Ah - that makes sense @felixtsu and I agree with the change in logic using state variable. I’ll make the changes. Thanks!

Success! Thanks again for the help.

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