Need help

Need help with this code, I want the options to spawn at separate coordinates and for the yellow cursor box to be around the ‘Play’ option. Ignore the background, it’s just a placeholder and the coordinates are already in the code as well as the variables. Also, when I tried to run this code, the sim threw an error: sim error - failed cast on null.

Help would be appreciated, thanks.

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Add a call to your second function in on start:


You need to create the sprites (which you do in Startup_screen_opts) before you change any of their properties, like coordinates.

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I’ll try my best.

Turns out, When you start up the game, you have no sprite to start out with. You never made the Cursor Sprite yet. When you told the CursorSprite to go to a position, the code was confused because the cursor sprite wasnt made yet. You never put in your startup function.

Finihed code.

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Thanks @AlexK and @Dreadmask197


I also found a way to summon sprites around you if you need help with that as well

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No @Dreadmask197, I don’t need that (yet), I’m just trying to make the cursor sprite move from option to option. It’s not fully done but then again just ask if you want to check it.

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