New Collab Game!

I am making a game and i am wondering if you want to add characters to the game or maybe idk… give me ideas? I will also make a credits page for those who help me in the code as a comment so yeah… :thinking:


hi i can help also i only know blocks code type so yea

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depends on the type of game


I think maybe a platformer? what do you guys think?

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yeah, but what about that the player can only move forward? or something like that, to make it harder

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I can help

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Can I help too maby a animal or something like that

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Im thinking of the game Fall Guys right now and maybe making something based off of it.

Yeah i think we should do that!

Sure you can!

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go to assets i made a few fall DUDES (i don’t want to get copyrighted lol)

lets call them fall beans or smth lol