New Project! (Stardew Valley-ish Game)

I am starting to work on a new game Moon Drop County
It will be quite simaller to Stardew Valley but with different charecters a new story line and More jobs than just being a farmer Im still working on a demo but I will need help with the game so if you wanna help answer this poll

What do you wanna help with?
  • Making the Npcs walk around on there own
  • Art
  • Tilemaps
  • Charecter Ideas
  • Other (Comment)
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I’m pretty sure the main issue is tracking sprites off screen. One way of doing it is loading everything as one huge tilemap with doors teleporting sprites to other locations in the tilemap. The issue with this is that there’s probably going to be hundreds of sprites loading at a time which causes lag. I don’t know how one would track a sprite without using a sprite so this seems like the only option.

True, there might be up to 300 sprites because I might make the trees sprites so they are easyer to interact with

@Luke @randomuser @labfox29 I need you guys to make a female player sprite and a male player sprite simaler to the stardew valley player sprites

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Or I could have Invisable Sprites that the Npcs Follow

Sure! How big and what color pallete?

Up to 16 by 32
Colors are the default ones exept
11 is #AFACAF
and 12 is #652A55


I know how to make npcs pathfind without using sprites (thanks to @UnsignedArduino) using the pathfinding extension for tilemaps. Also I’m kind of confused about sprites following other sprites not only would it be 2x lag, the movement of the invis sprites can just be copied to the visible one.

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Here it is! I used the default man and woman sprites that stardew valley gives you as refrence. : 3


Okay Those look pretty good

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I’ll send it next week because I’m kinda rushing to finish my game jam game.

I already made some, so there is no need!