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OLED extension with 7-segment and paint feature

Extended the Kitronik View extension to easily paint pictures and to have an easy 7-segment display!

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Thanks for creating great extension.
I am waiting for it.

I have try all the blocks in these extension, but only these 2 blocks

  • paint number at position
  • paint segment at position

what are these command do?
How to use them?

Best regards,
Narongporn L.

paint number draws a Digit at a specified position
paint segment (A-G) draws parts A-F of the Digitnumber. To show negative numbers you can use the segment G.
Don´t forget to use “refresh display” from the paint category at the end.


Hope that helps!

Your Michael

This answers my earlier question about how to enlarge the digital read out on the small OLED on the DF Robot Micro:IoT board for Microbit. My first question is always: Do the extensions conflict? and here , no , they don’t. Yes your 7 segment display enlarges the numerals greatly so thanks so much for this Michael ! We can use this in class with ThingSpeak and IoT projects:

Video: thank you MKlein for 7 seg. paint. Here Jason Davies shows how to use it and I put it on the DFRobot Micro:IoT .96 inch OLED. Code link in description of video:

Video, more on this extension with OLED ; code by Jason Davies; extension by MKlein :

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