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Help with larger font on TFT screen:Microbit

I am using an IoT board for Microbit which has a TFT screen. The displayed font is very small on the screen. Text extension is used. Is there a way to enlarge the displayed font; for example an analog value? Board is DFRobot Micro:IoT .

I found this answer which works very well by Michael Klein; 7 segment extension for MakeCode Microbit: An example of the code when A button is pressed, the numeric display is very large compared to built in numeral size:
This answers my earlier question about how to enlarge the digital read out on the small OLED on the DF Robot Micro:IoT board for Microbit.
My first question is always: Do the extensions conflict? and here , no , they don’t. so thanks so much for this Michael ! We can use this in class with ThingSpeak and IoT projects: