Open World RPG

That sounds great! I would love to collaborate with you.

Here’s another update! This one is much more impressive than my last patch. I found out how to allow for y’all to chose which part of the stat menu you would like to view, plus, you can now accept or decline a quest/purchase, even if you have already began the conversation. (There also some polishes that are so small that I can’t remember them.)


That is the links to the characters! I will make a selection screen! They have different weapons! Is that possible? (Big hammer, magic, and more!)

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By the way, the characters you sent me are amazing! Just make sure I sent a max amount of cats for Daryl

By the way, I figured I’d start by unlocking Joey at level 6, since you don’t unlock anything at that level yet, and he’s my favourite.

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Dont worry about that! I have an example of that!
Here it is! Collectibles and switchables
and that in use!
Zombie Uprsing Chapter 3![Underwater!]
A shooting game design

You should be able to buy the others! Or unlock them after quests!

Different weapons are quite possible, but you will have to add some variables to when A pressed so that it knows which weapon to send out because I think it would be called if all weapons had the same DPS,(damage per Second), but ,for example, the hammer is slower but does more DMG per hit, and magic does less damage because it can be used from range, but may also have status effects, such as burning or slowing down the enmy, unlike a bow.

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Gave Joey Left attacks as well!(while moving left) What do you think?

I will clean up the code for a second! Could you send me the current one? I saw there is like 3 forevers (they make stuff laggy and weird) and like 8 on game updates (there is no side effects for them but I can make it more compact! (if you want) It will make everything a bit faster!

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I could also save the stats (even when refreshing page stats still there) with an extension! Also I might make an array for the things the villagers say to you! (So they say something random)

If you want.

DON’T TRY TO MAKE A STAT SAVE. If you are level 2, you will not unlock bats as the game update does not happen until you level up. This will happen for everything else you unlock when you level up, assuming start on it’ level or higher. There needs to stay only one of each kind of mob as well, so you can’t make it if the player is higher than the recommended level instead, as that would result in more then one of each mob at a time, breaking their status bar code or making multiple shops.

Definitely do that!

I would need the current version to clean up! I will send it to you!

Oh, I’m having some issues trying to import your code from GitHub into the game. It says that there are some errors with the code, so why don’t you try? I made some changes to Joey to get him to work better for the game. Make sure that everything that uses the “Dungeoneer” variable specifically is changed to "element of value of array of sprites of kind Player, so that they work just as well too. Finally, can you add please a character area to the stat menu, so you can chose between characters? Thanks,

I’m currently working on some things to make it easier for you to import the characters. I will send te current version to you as soon as I am done with it.

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What code???

Yes! I might also set it from B to Menu button! (B might be for secondary attack)

I atleast want to save coins!
Also a starting screen and a menu to look at stats, change characters, and look at the tutorial! (Like it will say go to menu to see tutorial because it is annoying to have so much text at the beginning!)

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That’s all fine then.

Btw I will be playing Minecraft now! So I might not be able to code/response!

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