Jade Star An RPG Collab Game

So I saw that @Lucas_M is making an RPG game and so it inspired me to want to make one too! Here is what i would like:

  • A turn based battle system.
  • A SUPER big map to play on!
  • Shop systems
  • Boss Fights
  • Music
  • Different types of player for example: Sword Fighter, Mage, Healer and More!
  • And Last but not least A HUGE story!!!

Here is a template we can start the game on:



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i could help, maybe with the story and miscellaneous coding elements.

Ver 0.2! in this version I have more options of classes!! now we can start adding the map and characters!


@NobodyNomad thanks that would be very appreciated!

i can also probably make a good map. i am decent at animations but not very good.

Also you guys. I need a saving system kind of like @UnsignedArduino & @Lucas_M Phoenix quest saving system so you can spawn with the right quest!!!

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0.3 and 0.4 AND 0.5 in the same update!!! in these 3 updates we have a better start menu. we also have a tile map. 1.0 will feature an encounter system the first enemy I will add is a baby slime


Save System? like to save the player location and put him there?

Err… hate to break it to you, but it crashes on startup

yes sir.

Oh dang…

Version 1.0!!! we got a battle system In Progress. and also i made a bigger map!!! and more key parts of the story. in total we have 3 quests! Link: https://makecode.com/_VVmAFiaP0Ei6

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I can help with creating the story for this game

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Sorry guys but i will have to push update dates to after January.

Is this being continued @TheGreenArtist?

I saw this and thought the same thing.