Ore Clicker

Many bugs and glitches, but I recently started working on it. It is a fun clicker game in which you can collect different ores!

If you want to help me with the glitches or just fix them yourself you may, but this is a javascript project. So if you try to fix something in blocks, it rearranges the code, then I won’t be able to find the thing you fixed/changed. I have a hard time reading scripts the way MakeCode changes them so be mindful of that. Have fun!

I forgot to say! Should I change the name of the game to ‘Gem Clicker’? I feel that it sounds a bit better

New Name for Game
  • Gem Clicker
  • Ore Clicker

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I figured out how to make the game save! The game is now in alpha as I also fixed some more glitches, and saving is a big part of what I wanted the game to be.

(everything saves, name, ores, colors, money, etc.)

Theres a big problem bacuase stuff keeps opening up! Check if you set the (set controls) to false in the menu! Else it just doesnt show but you can still select stuff even though its not there!

That is what I am trying to fix currently, I have no idea why it does that because I set controls to false and even give the game 200 ms to think :man_shrugging:

It’s 50-50! Lets see what wins, I’ll wait until the game gets 10 votes to keep it one way or another.

For this post only I am making the name Gem Clicker unless everybody wants it back, I added guests and logins, so you don’t have to personally load from the menu.

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Fixed all accounts saving, and signing up works, data is transferred have fun!

You have to save in the game before your account saves.

Fixed link:

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