Overlay in blocks!


this was quickly made to experiment with, but I found out how to make good overlays!

Again it was thrown together but it might help other people make overlays if they are inexperienced like me and use blocks (not saying all inexperienced people use blocks and I’m not saying you are inexperienced if you use blocks)
I don’t know why this took me like 30 min, but hey I found out how to make good overlays!


I am confuse as to the point of this, is it a heath bar that is showing how it could interact with overlays?

did you look in the code? it just show how to make overlays…

Wait, is I doing a dumb? What’s an overlay?

Dont worry we all forget thing its like a hud or something that is like a pop up or i dont know how to explain it but its like some thing over your screen

Yeah, for example the life and score are both shown as overlays on top of the screen; unless you set your character’s z index on top of them, they will be shown on top of everything else so that they’re always visible.

OH, cool, thanks, that was a lot more obvious than i thought it was going to be