Paper Coneguy! (help/feedback)

(before reading, remember that this relates to Raycastng)
Update: I’ve made a test area for a game I’d like to make. Thanks so much to @Brohann for locking the camera so that this could actually work.

There are 4 things I need help with in order to make this an actual game.

1: Enemies
Is it possible to make it so that enemies wander around and attack when they “see” (are in a certain vicinity of) the player, like in the Paper Mario games?

2: Stop Sign attack
Similar to how you can attack with a hammer in Paper Mario games, I’d like to make it so that you can attack with a stop sign instead.

3: NPCs
Can you make it so that you can talk to NPCs when approaching them? Here’s an image for more context:

4: Transitions
Arguably the most important. I need to make it so that you can load a different tilemap when touching a certain block, usually on the edge.

Sorry I’m asking so many questions, I just need to know how I can make this a real game.


I have some answers!

problem 1

You can put sprites in it and have them wander around using some sort of AI.
you might be able to use the sprite utility extension to calculate distance between the enemy and the sprite.

problem 2

The hammer can be a sprite and you can use the sprite of kind overlaps othersprite block. ex. on sprite of kind hammer overlaps othersprite of kind enemy, destroy othersprite

problem 3

Similar to what I said in problem 1, you can make it so when it is in a certain distance, it says something.

problem 4

You can still use the overlaps tile block! for instance you can do, if overlapping tile (chest)
then set tilemap to the next level.

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Also, you can still add animation for going forward/backward.

I know, I just forgot to add that animation :sweat_smile:

Another thing about answer 2:
I want to add an animation for when Coneguy swings the hammer, but that would mean the sprite would need to be wider, and that might break some stuff.

Also, what do you mean by “the hammer can be a sprite”? Could there just be an invisible/intangible hitbox that appears when Coneguy plays the hammer animation?

The player can have an animation, of him swinging in place, without the hammer, and the hammer is created right over the player in the right spot, so when they are both animated at the same time, it looks as it is one sprite.

woah this looks cool its a very interesting use of raycasting

I’ve added a hammer, transitions, AND enemies to the game!
Here’s the link:
You can use your hammer by pressing B, and you can also destroy the enemy by whacking it with your hammer. There’s also a room with a floor of breakable blocks, where you can also hammer.
The only reason NPCs aren’t here yet is because I couldn’t correctly start a cutscene. Do you know any ways this could happen using Raycasting?

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Sorry for replying late, I didn’t see your question.

I think this might be what you are looking for.
The “Say” block displays really huge text, so you probably want it to be smaller.
I think this can be achieved by having an invisible sprite that is farther behind the speaker be the one saying the words.

I like your character! It looks cool and the art is real nice

Thanks! :slight_smile:

problem 1 math


it finds the distance between two points