PiCore image able to drive ILI9341-based LCD?

I am able to run the PiCore image on my older RasPi model A, but I am wondering now if it would be possible to use it to drive an LCD based on the ILI9341 driver chip (like the 2.8" PiTFT from Adafruit).

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I guess you could try to as if the ILI can emulate a frame buffer. Direct SPI is not currently supported on the Pi.


So basically the same as before with https://github.com/notro/fbtft, but this time using the PiCore (TinyCore) image, right? Would this be something to consider as a possible PR or enhancement to the current bootloader repository?

If you can add it to https://github.com/microsoft/uf2-linux in a way that doesn’t break existing HDMI screen support and doesn’t increase the size too much, then sure, please send us a PR. Otherwise, you can create your own fork, and your own image. As long as the SPI screen is the default framebuffer device, the binaries we generate from Arcade should just work.

BTW, the ILI9341 should work with SPI with ATSAMD51, the bootloader needs to say DISPLAY_TYPE=9341 see https://arcade.makecode.com/hardware/adding

Unable to verify this for the Bridge, as at the moment I am unable to see what has been specified for the bootloader (no code available or docs)

Will have a look at this over the weekend. Thanks!

You can drag current.uf2 or config.bin if present to https://microsoft.github.io/uf2/patcher/ and see the config. You cannot drag back the uf2 file after modifications though.

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