Pigeon: Deliverance (DKC DLC) The (Mostly) Unplayed

Here’s the infinite mode that activates at the end of the original Pigeon: Deliverance Donkey Kong Country DLC, but as a standalone game. The original can be found HERE. I worked really hard on this before the mini game jam and I don’t think many people got to try it, so it’s right here without the premade levels.


@Kiwiphoenix364 Hi, I really loved your game, can you perhaps make one that has the original sprite pack which is also has infinite levels and the theme of the original game in the game jam? I am fairly new to make code arcade so it would mean a lot to me if you could make a modded version!

I will if I have time, it shouldn’t really be that hard, I’ll just have to copy/paste the randomizer code into the original game. Also, it’ll probably take a little bit because I don’t remember what everything does in the code, but I’ll probably do it.

Hi it would really help me out if you could do that! thanks for replying!

Have a great day ahead!

Here you go!

HI thank you so much for this! I just had some questions

  1. Is this game possible to run in hardware such as the Meowbit?
  2. Is it possible to fix the lag? perhaps the file size in the original game itself was a lot for the simulator to handle
    Thanks a ton!