Pin 0 is showing current despite digital write 0 (P1,P2 works fine)

Hi all,

I realized P0 seems to be very erractic when it comes to using it as a digital input/output.

I setup 3 LEDs connected to P0,P1 and P2.
Then I did the switch digital 0-1 on each pin, P1 and P2 works correctly where LED would be completely off and on but P1 would show dim LED even when it’s digital write 0.

For some reason it continues to send current despite it been set to digital 0. Has anyone experienced the same issue? I believe it could be the nature of Pin 0, if I use pin 5 on a breakout board it works fine too.

I looked up this pin definition page, nothing much can be concluded based on that:
Microbit pins definition

Appreciate any insights in regarding to the above, thanks all!