Platformer extension demo

Hey folks,

I’ve been working on a package for making platformers in arcade and it is now far enough along that I thought I’d post a demo!

The main features include:

  1. A whole new physics engine
  2. Support for sloped surfaces in tilemaps
  3. Moving platforms

The actual extension can be found here:

If anyone is interested in using it, I can post a guide on how I made the tilemaps. For now, it’s JavaScript only. I’m hoping in the future to make building levels easier and to add block APIs.


Can you do this?

Hi, I can’t open the demo.
Clicking the link leads to this error:

what link, 2ndClemens, this one? :arrow_up:

No, this one (from the first post)


I can’t access it either.

And this doesn’t work either, even in the beta editor:

This repository contains a MakeCode extension. To use it in MakeCode,

So I wonder how to open the demo.

I found the ‘slope demo’ you were referring to in A tournament - Arcade - Microsoft MakeCode

Unfortunately after importing the GitHub url of ( GitHub - riknoll/pxt-platformer: A Microsoft MakeCode Arcade extension for platformers), I receive the following errors:

This may be due to use of legacy code. Try to import the Color-coded Tilemap extension.

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I think you are right, as the color code tilemap allowed you to change the size of the tile; in this case 8x8 instead of 16x16.