Platformer Tileset

Tile set that corresponds to the palette of makecode arcade.
Use it for your game!

This project is a remix of GrafxKid’s artwork for makecode arcade.



THESE ARE GREAT!!! Thanks for redoing them in the arcade palette.

btw @shakao and I recently made a tool for making sprite packs easier in arcade. You can check it out here:

If you press the import button in the top right, you can import all of the sprites from an existing project (via share link). Then you can use the export button (next to import) to generate a project that can be published as an extension for people to add to their projects.


In extension form:

Add this to your project, and the tiles will show up in the gallery along with the backdrops in the setBackgroundImage() block!


@logic_lab let me know if you want me to tweak the attribution at all!

Or, alternatively, if you’d like to publish this under your GitHub that works too!

I am really hyped now

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how do I download the extension?

Click on the “Extensions” drawer in the toolbox and paste the URL into the search bar! Here’s a gif on how to do it:

Thanks a lot!

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Thanks for putting it all together in an extension.
The sprite pack generator is very useful !
But when I save a project using this tool as a png and load it again, I get an error.

Error message.
“Oops, something went wrong when importiong your project.”

@logic_lab sorry about that! Sounds like you found a bug. if it isn’t too much trouble, would you mind opening an issue on Github?

I posted an issue.
Here’s the png file with the errorarcade-spritePack


Thanks @logic_lab!