Mario Minigame

Also @richard can you show me how you did the extra tiles for Platformer Tileset? I want to make a tileset for the 8x8 small tilemaps extension.


I used the sprite pack tool that @shakao and I wrote:

The only problem right now is that you need to manually edit the output files to turn them into tiles.

Inside asset.ts, you need to add a line like this above each of the variables:

(replace “Spring” in “category-Spring” with whatever you want the category to be named in the tilemap editor)

Sorry that this is such a pain right now, I’m going to try making improvements to the sprite pack tool in the future to make this easier to do and not involve any text editing.

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Quick question:
On the extension I was already developing, for some reason the blocks toolbox is broken. You know why? @richard?

Usually that means something is wrong with the authoring (the //% comments on top of the typescript). Do you have a link? I can take a look.


how do you change the look of lives?


There is one way! Extensions! Therefor I know 1 extension that can change it (Image has to be 8*8 or it will not work!)
use @jwunderl s extension!
There should be a block called set Life image!
And other cool stuff like distance between 2 sprites or round to (e.g 3) decimal placces!

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There is a block in the sprite utils extension that can change it.

You can also put:
in a thing to change life image in javascript