Plinko test 3

whenever I have 2 or more balls, I always see a ball frozen on top of one of my poles. You need 25 points to get another ball, whenever you spam the space bar, balls come down but some of the balls are never going to get down to the point slots.

I’m using block coding and have no idea how to use javascript

The reason that some of the sprites get stuck is because of the tile collision code (my bad). You should use the local sprite variable instead of the global mySprite variable. The mySprite variable will always point to the last ball that was created so if more than one are created at a time, the collision code will only apply to the last one. The sprite variable on the other hand will always point to the ball that is doing the colliding. You can drag out that local variable like this:

Also it’s pretty cool to have a ton of balls going at once!


Do I have to drag sprite into every mySprite box

yep, you always want to use the local sprite inside that event

thank you very much for helping me.
I don’t even know how the math works in this game except for percentages and random 0-10