Portal Demo

Hey folks!

Here’s a little demo I put together that was inspired by @Lucas_M’s amazing mini game jam entry! Really, I just wanted to see how hard it would be to do portal-like physics where you conserve your momentum when passing through portals (all in blocks of course). Anyways, here’s the result:

Press A to fire the orange portal and B to fire the blue portal
Press Up to jump

If anyone wants to take this and turn it into a proper game, please feel free!


Can you make a Mario maker style one, where you place the portals with an arrow?
Best, Retrodude1099

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this reminds me a very very big amount of a portal game someone made for the ti 84 plus (programmable) calculator
it was basically the exact same as this but it has levels and im pretty sure it had buttons and blocks (also it was in greyscale since the calculators screen was greyscale so the portals looked the same as the other portal)

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I think I broke it.

If anybody does make this a real game they should try to fix this too.

i love this and the physics and conservation of momentum are awesome! i might use it and if i do i will ask @richard and maybe lucas_m first. if i do try this i will also try to fix the glitches mentioned.


haha, @NobodyNomad you have my permission!

same applies to all share links i publish. remix, reskin, rewrite it however you want!

feal free to use my code as well

ok, thanks

Thats super cool, I love your character animations.