Presenting... Shaped

Shaped! This version isn’t done yet, but you can get all the way up to the Allies. Kind of like an action RPG, with lots of numbers. Runs smooth as butter, and is pretty fun if you’re into leveling mechanics. I’ll update y’all when it’s done, but I figure I could at least present an unfinished version. Enjoy :smiley:


im making a similar game


Haha, level 3! This is awesome, the level of detail you’ve put into the different towns and the variety of weapons (bow and arrow is my favorite, I think) is really incredible. It was hard to get past level 1 with just the dagger, but the progress saving really helped and once I unlocked some weapons I really started raking in the cash :smiley: Also the different enemy behaviors rule! I love that the blue ones dodge attacks. :slight_smile: Super excited to see the rest of this game!

This is AMAZING! Really, Really, good!

lvl 6 and bow and arrow =op

glad you enjoy the game!

i don’t understand, how do you get money and weapons?

Chests contain weapons, killing stuff garners money.

You throw rocks with b at the yellow triangles. But @Bag3l can you add status bars to the enemies?

that enemy thats blue and has the helmet has no collision. can you fix that?

yeah, that’s gonna be fixed when the game is fully done


okay. also are the squares placeholders? the squares being the normal enemys,npcs, and the player.

nah, it’s all shapes
that’s why I called it Shaped

oh i forgot

are you still working on this game?

no, got bored

lol, wish u did, its really fun