Problem with forked extension

Hello, at first I want to apologize, if my questions are dumb - I’m new here and I totaly lost in documentation.

I started to modifying extension for IR receiver, because I need to adapt it for another controller. I want to credit original author, so I start with fork of origin extension which is
My extension is and you can see, there are lot of changes. However, when I try to add my extension via search dialog and write my adres, it try get origin extension and in result is it messed up. I don’t know what should I do to fix it.

And second problem with this extension is, sometime is my local copy go wrong (i dont know how, just it say me that something wrong happend without details) and my testing makecode project cant load blocks and namespace I added.

Third problem - I probably dont understand how to localise files. Localisation dont work.

Thank you for your help, Im starting to be frustrated - core of my extension is functional but I am unable to wrap it to public extension for everyone.