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Tutorial extension block does not show in tool drawer

I’ve added an extension using the “package” macro to a tutorial and I’m using the extension block in the hint.

The hint appears correctly and includes the extension block, but the extension block does not appear in the tool drawer and the embedded text is not the correct color. Also the extension is not listed as a dependency in the pxt.json file.

The syntax I’m using to add the package is:
[name]=github:[extention URL]

Does the “name” need to match something in the extension?

Thanks for your help

We usually make name match the pxt.json name (_ for spaces), but it shouldn’t have to / I’ve fixed a few bugs before to make that scenario work. If you could point me at the tutorial I could tell you what’s going wrong – but I would also suggest just trying to load the tutorial in and seeing if that works – I fixed several bugs along those lines since the last major microbit release so it’s very possible that it’s catching some case that hasn’t be released yet~

Here’s the beginning of the tutorial:

I can load the repo in the beta but it doesn’t run.

When I run it in the released version, it appears the extension loads at the very beginning (I briefly see the two extension tool drawers with all the other tool drawers, and the embedded text is the correct color). Then when the tutorial removes the unused tool drawers, the extension tool drawers disappear and the embedded text turns a different color. I’ve tried using ghost but that doesn’t work either.

Could there be something wrong in the extension?

Hm it looks fine to me in beta, so I think it was one of the bugs I mentioned; can you try loading into an incognito window to see if it’s possible some cache issue?

Yey, it works in the beta!! Thank you. Has the banner color turned to purple for tutorials?

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Yes, the contrast was way too lower and hard to read with the orange so we revamped the tutorial color scheme for better accessibility