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Professional Development - Summer 2021

We are hosting 3 free workshops this summer to support the AP CS Principles course. If you are interested in teaching this next year, please register!


I have what may be a less than intelligent question and or one that has been answered elsewhere but, here goes. Is attendance at one of the professional development workshops required to receive the course materials?

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Ha! Thanks for your question - it’s a good one! No, you do not have to attend the Professional Development workshops to use the course materials. :slight_smile: Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you for the prompt reply. Can you direct me to the location where I can obtain the course resources and class materials? I was reading about the course here,, but might have overlooked it.

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This looks like good and useful information, how can I obtain the course materials? Thx

Curriculum Materials posted here –

My Registration is Pending… Wish me Luck! Thanks!

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I just found out about the PD - do you have anything planned in July/August or can you share videos/resources from the PD?
I am reviewing curriculums for my county since we are adapting a new curriculum in 2022-2023

Hi Yvette! Yes, there is another session planned for the week of July 18th as part of the InfoSys Pathfinders Summer institute. Let me know if you would be interested in attending that. More info here: AP Computer Science Principles with Microsoft MakeCode

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I’m interested in using MakeCode to teach AP CS Principles starting in August, but I cannot attend the professional development live… will access to recordings be possible?

Hi there! Great to hear you plan to teach the AP CS Principles course! Unfortunately the recordings from the workshops are not public, but there is an abbreviated online version of the course here: Teach AP CS Principles with MakeCode - Microsoft Educator Center. Hope this helps!