Project: minecraft (early beta)

This is my new project, an attempt to make world generation and mechanics like minecraft, but in 2d! Currently, I have chunk generation (thanks to @UnsignedArduino’s “fast random blocks” extension!


I hope you don’t mind about this @Kiwiphoenix364 ; I am adapting your new project to our coding class-coffee shop meet up and at the local library to show kids who are all into MineCraft how they can modify your code to make it their own. We will give you credit whenever we show our adaptations of your work on the YouTube channel: MakeCode and Hardware or MakeCode and Arcade. We are also always grateful to @UnsignedArduino for their contributions to our projects and coding education. Looking forward to your progress on MineCraft.

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oh, cool!

On a side note, I’ve made a new version with using A to place blocks and having them stay on the map, even when you load and unload “chunks”. I’ve also implemented biomes, but the biome map is only so big (currently), so if you go far enough, it’s just the same over and over again. I hope to release updates in the future that add features and fix the (mentioned) issue.